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Since 1999, the focus of the Pure Shea Store has been providing natural Shea Butter, soap and bath products at affordable prices. We have solved the problem of finding consistent and reliable sources of high quality shea butter for manufacturing and personal use at reasonable prices.(more)

You Asked...We delivered! We have Flat Rate Shipping for All orders to the continental USA.  $7.50 delivers Any Order of Any Size to your door. Enjoy!

Shea Soaps

These naturally affordable handmade Shea Soaps are available in 15 varieties. The newest are Lemon Pumice and Chocolate Shea Soaps.

Body Washes

Natural lather, pure ingredients, and affordable price.

Shea - Hemp Shampoo Bars

These naturally affordable handmade Hemp - Shea Shampoo Bars are available in 3 varieties.

Scented and Raw Shea Butter
Great Shea Butter. Naturally affordable price in the same varieties as the shea soaps
Premium Shea Soaps

These naturally affordable handmade Shea Soaps are 75% organic available in 10 varieties. This is our premium shea soap line is only available in 5oz single bar packs.  

Hair & Body Oils
Enjoy a pure and natural hair oil for locs, braids, and natural hair.
Natural Hair Conditioner

If you have dry locs and need a natural conditioner, you have found it!. This is a leave-in conditioner for dry and brittle hair, it will not clog your pores or hair follicles. It attract and maintains moisture in natural hair. 

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are a blend of raw and brown sugar that take the dry and dead skin away. It leaves your silky smooth.  You will be as soft as a baby's bottom after our scrub.  


Bath Salts

Some are occasional soaker and others are connoisseurs of the ultimate bath. We serves both tastes with our naturally affordable salts infused with a variety of fragrances and herbs.

Aloe Lotions

On those days when you need a light natural moisturer and dont have time for shea butter, this is your best option. The lotions area aloe based and handmade in same scents as the shea soaps.

Soy - Shea Candles

Our soy candles are hand poured and blended with shea butter. They are massage candles. They don’t release toxic chemicals when burned, produce no black soot and each has a cotton-hemp wick. They burn longer and stronger with a lower melting point.

Exotic Butters

A variety of specialty butters ranging from Coconut oil to Cocoa butter. 


Shea Butter is a natural healing product. It is great for cuts, bruises, and burns. Our shea nuts are hand crushed and kneaded without chemicals or additives. Shea Butter is created from the pulp of the fruit of the Karite tree in Western and Central Africa. It is organic and rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a usable life of 12 - 15 months from the time it is harvested.