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Shea Butter Origins

Shea Butter

"My skin has always soaked up other lotions shortly after application but shea butter, heck I don't have to say another word. You already know... So Thank You."
TONYA, Chicago, IL

"I just had to write and share how wonderful your product is. My skin has never felt this good. Your Shea Butter is incredible and your soaps are out of this world. My skin use to be so very dry and scaly. Now, it is as smooth as a baby's. Since I have discovered you, it will be very difficult to buy commercial soaps and lotions...May the blessings of our CREATOR be upon you and I send you continued success."
DIANA, Mt. Vernon, NY

"A good friend highly recommends your products. I asked for some help since I couldn't decide. I started off with the Shea Butter. Charles was very helpful. The only thing I have to complain about is that now I am also completely hooked and can't wait to buy more, more, more!"
LISA K. WIGGS, Silver Spring, MD

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the Shea Butter I bought! I wrote beforehand to ask if it was acceptable for use on the face and the answer was "yes. " Now I see why...Of course I use it on the rest of my body, but I am right out amazed at how it has moisturized my face and the delicate area of the eyes...Amazing. I have been using retinol for two years and have not seen the improvement that I have seen in a couple weeks with this Shea Butter. It is not greasy, nor does it clog my pores and it is gentle enough to use without irritation on my hyper-sensitive skin. I don't mean to keep babbling, but it is just amazing. I have been to dermatologists for years with my sensitive ( pronounced " Irish! " ) skin, trying to find products that were gentle and yet effective, and now I have found the perfect thing! Bloody brilliant! AND!!! I fell on the ice last week while carrying a load of wood, and when I fell, a piece of the wood cut my face from ear to lip-corner. I cleaned it and then put the Shea Butter on it as a dressing and it healed remarkably fast. Everyone was asking what I put on it to make it heal so fast, and they have also been asking me what I am using on my skin...Thanks for your help! This stuff is wonderful! Thanks so much!"
HANNAH, Wilson, NC

"Your Shea Butter is amazing! It's truly been a "miracle" cream for me. My heels were incredibly cracked and peeling. It's embarrassing to admit but I used to use manicure scissors to cut away the thick dead skin. I tried just about everything. I used a pumice stone, lotions, creams (some prescription creams from the podiatrist...I was told it was athletes foot!). Nothing worked. Within a week of using the Shea Butter my heels improved dramatically! Within 2 weeks my heels were as soft as a baby's butt! I use the Shea Butter on my entire body...face, lips, hands, feet, elbows, it's even a great hair conditioner. I can't sing enough praises about it. My only complaint is that I wish I'd found it years ago!"

"Oh, boy...what great products! I just received them yesterday and am so delighted! Even my boyfriend, who doesn't get too worked up .... loves your products. He has some bad scarring from a motorcycle accident and rough patches on his elbows; I made him a bet that in two weeks, with a twice-a-day rub/application, that he will see great improvement... In any case, they all smell great, without being overwhelming, and are just a treat to use. Thanks again! I will absolutely keep your products in mind for gift giving at Christmas/birthdays/etc. Your new loyal customer."

"Wow! It was WORTH the wait! My Sexy Shea Butter just got here. I don't think I'll ever use perfume again. This is too heavenly-smelling. Thank you all a million for a fantastic product! It feels just terrific, too"
BONNIE NEWMAN, South Padre Island

"I am happy to finally find something that works and smells great, have tried and have been looking at different suppliers of Shea Butter and yours is by far the best. Wonderful and helpful staff, product arrived very quickly and with everything I ordered. The Shea Butter smells divine, texture is great and my skin already feels smooth and soft. Best product I have used in a long time and believe me I have tried a few!!. Fan for life, can't wait to try the rest of the range."
Brenda Bowler, London, England

"Just thought I'd drop a note to tell you that I received my Shea Butter soap and pure Shea Butter in the mail yesterday. I tried it this morning and I have to tell you it's the best Shea Butter I've tried to date!! I expected to find grit that I'd have to melt away between my hands before applying which was really time consuming, and the fragrance is just great... I will definitely be purchasing my Shea Butter products from you in the future! It deserves 5 out of 5 stars!!"
Nan Gaudette, Agawam, MA

"Just got my order - LOVE IT!!!"
Susan Wright, Albany, NY

"I received my order yesterday and am very pleased with the products. My husband really likes the Energy Shea Butter so I always order that for him. As for myself, I like to try different ones and I haven't been disappointed yet. I'll continue to spread the word about your company so that I'm not the only sister in Philly with satiny, glowing skin in the dead of winter."
Sabrina Collins, Philadelphia, PA

"...and a pleasure it is! I just love your products!"
G. Nolan, San Diego, CA

"I bought some of the bath salts and a jar of the scented Shea Sutter at a Women's conference in Maryland last fall. Living in western Maryland in mountainous, rugged, harsh, bitter, cold weather, this is the first winter my skin, particularly my hands and feet have not suffered. Thank you!"
Menelika McCarthy, Western Maryland

"I can not express how happy I am.... The soaps are absolutely fabulous, and the Shea Butter has been doing wonders for my 'winter dried' skin."
Kelly Archey, Boyne, MI

"I love the Passion Shea Butter with orange. It reminds me of those orangecicle ice creams from the ice cream man."
Christie, Berkeley, CA

"The Shea Butter does wonders for my skin disorder ....eczema. It alleviated the dryness, smells good, and my skin feels better. Thanks"
Taneka, Brooklyn, NY

"I really like the African Shea Butter I recently purchased. My hands are so soft and smooth after I use it. Thank you"
Paulette Nelson, Mesa, AZ

"I purchased your 'Sexy' Shea Butter about a month ago, and am astounded at how your product immediately changed the condition of my skin. It's so gentle and effective that I use it on my two year old. He looks and feels terrific!! I now have my whole family hooked!!! I am a customer for life."
Shaun, Durham, NC

"Your products are absolutely the best!! I have finally found the answer to my life long dry skin problems. My husband even notices the difference in my skin, and the scents are just heavenly! I am now a lifelong customer. Thank you! Thank you!" Deb Mickinkle,
Central Square, NY

"I love everything about your company. Great website, very accommodating employees and an absolutely fabulous product...I'm hooked and I thank you so much..."
Kay Larson, Palm Springs, CA

"As a new customer from over the pond, I am delighted with the Shea Butter soap and the liquid soap - Exotic. They make my dry skin feel lovely, and the perfume is nice too. I hope to be ordering from you again when this little stash runs out."
Beverley Walker, Berkshire, ENGLAND

"I had ordered African Shea Butter a while back. And I hadn't used it because my son has tree nut allergies. But I went ahead and tested it on him, and it turned out just fine. Since then, we use it often and have found it wonderful for the whole family. No unpleasant fragrance, no chemicals. Thank you.
" Sally, Somewhere in the US

"I've contacted you before, but I want you to know that my skin has improved tremendously since I've used your soap. It's been two weeks now and I see an enormous improvement. I will never use another soap again. Thanks."
Cathy, Somewhere in the US

Shea Butter Soaps

"Just wanted to let you know how much your wonderful products are appreciated in South Alabama. I got hooked on them when Squash Blossom Market started selling your soaps. I gave as gifts, promoted to everyone I met, and keep a bottle of body oil, and a jar of shea butter in my desk at work. My skin feels like silk, and the scent is more than wonderful. I put the soap in my shower (in a well drained location, of course), and even when it's not WET, the smell fills me up when I enter the room. I WILL be ordering from your website, since I can't find a local distributor. Thanks for a really special product."
Connie, South Alabama

"Your Hemp shampoo bars are completely wonderful. The bars have excellent rinsability. I need this because I shampoo my dreads after swimming at least three times per week. The hemp oil is soothing and gives my skin lubrication without greasiness. This is so important to me for winter swimming. Each time I leave the pool I look forward to a hotshower with your fragrant bars. And I'm not stuck in the locker room slathering grease on. You've got a great product!"
Breena Clarke, NJ

"I am 59 years old and for years suffered from psoriasis. Vacationing last summer in Mackinaw City, MI I bought one bar of your Ebony Tar. FANTASTIC results! Nothing has ever worked on my skin before. I am not sure if it is all due to the soap or not but I did make another trip back and bought all they had left. Only two more bars. Thank goodness you have put your website on the wrapper. I will be ordering more for years to come. It is like a miracle breakthrough for me. It is almost gone. You are wonderful. Keep up the good work and I wish you continued success with your company. I will also pass the word to anyone else I meet with this 'unsightly' skin disease. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
Cheri, Whitmore Lake, MI

"I tend to spend my money conservatively so buying the Savannah Essentials the first time was done as a treat while visiting my sister one weekend. The soaps are such a delightful change that I'm learning it's OK to diverge from my routine, practical choices. Otherwise, what am I working so hard for?"
Yvonne Dennis, Philadelphia, PA

"I tried your Energy soap for the first time this morning. I must admit the fragrance of this soap not only invigorated my skin, but cleared the sleepiness from my head and provided a 'positive energy jolt' to my mental and intellectual processes. Thanks for sharing love from God through your hands."
A.H., Washington, DC

"I am so glad you suggested that I try your wonderful products early last year, you have changed my life! I have long locs that I wash with your Hemp Soap, I then use your wonderful smelling scented essential oils in my hair. I then top it all off with your Shea Butter for the rest of my body. There you have it, the whole package! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on the look, texture and feel of my locs and I owe it all to you! You have a customer for life."
Renee Davis, Gainesville, VA

"I just want to commend this company on their wonderful products. I am one of those people who really are skeptical about ordering items over the internet fearing that the products will not work. But this is truly not the case for the Savannah Essentials. Two months ago I purchased the Shea Butter and the Ebony Tar soap bars for my teenage niece who has been suffering with eczema for years and within a couple of days of using the soap her dry patches started to fade away..... For anyone who is suffering with eczema or any type of skin problems please try these products first before you go anywhere else and I promise that you won't be sorry."
A life long customer, Houston, Texas

"We have tried everybody's products for our Excema...yours is the only one that really works."
Iyonna Rivers, Brooklyn, NY

"I just had my first introduction to Savannah Essentials products...not only am I lured by the incredible scents, but I am TRULY amazed at how the product feels on my skin. I was lucky enough to have the founder show me the product line and they put a little of the bath oil on my hand. Now I thought, sure this will smell great, but I will most likely be all greasy after this. It INSTANTLY soaked into my skin! And the scent was not overwhelming! My hand smells "Beautiful!" I just placed an order for a bunch of different "flavors" and can't wait to "taste" each and every one of them! Thanks"
Mikol Rudd, Georgetown, DC

"I just received my order and I'm DELIGHTED at how quickly the order got here, and totally ECSTATIC about the Products"
Cynthia Lockett, Philadelphia, PA

"I wasn't sure what to expect upon obtaining my first bar of 'truly' handmade soap. I have tried all the specialty store gels, bath washes etc. None compare to the wondrous creation called 'Energy'. The scent of fresh peppermint permeated the shower and the exfoliation experience received from the use of poppy seeds was absolutely invigorating. Frankly, I didn't think soap could make a difference in the quality of one's day -- I was wrong!"
Joe Watson, Reston, VA

"All I can say is thank you for saving my skin. I, like many others, have paid a fortune on skincare products that never gave me the results I hoped for, but with only one(1) use of this product (Wood Wash), I could see and feel a difference. I'm a customer for life." Carlton L. Myers, Washington, DC "I've used the Hemp Oil Shampoo Bars because I have dreads and I swim every day. I am VERY happy with the product and have recommended it"
Breena Clarke, Washington, DC

"Lavender is my favorite scent. Your soap product is great!"
Barbara, Silver Spring, MD

"The Hemp Oil Shampoo Soap did an outstanding job when washing my dreads and my wife's braids. Thanks for suggesting it"
Omar, Washington, DC

"You talked us into buying the hemp oil soap/shampoo bar. I used it last night, and it is great! Although I don't have a big problem with residue, I do have one with dryness -- my locks are like thick straw. They feel great today, nice and soft, and though the whole shampoo bar thing took a little getting used to, I'm definitely a convert."
Nataki Reynolds, Washington, DC

"...Mystical Soap is exhilarating. It's almost as though it breaths new life into your skin. I highly recommend it... Fresh is very soothing to the skin and opened my pores like no other soap I have ever used. It lathered up really good and gave a very relaxing sensation. Another delightful bath experience...this one's a must have!"
Otis Brown, Louisville, KY

"I'm using the Energy Bar Soap. I like the exfoliation."
Wyllene Watson, Silver Spring, MD

"I have tried and owned almost every brand of bath products out there...Your stuff is da bomb!!!"
Ada, Washington, DC

"I used Ebony Tar Soap for my face. I have tried so many different soaps from markets, internet, etc. Nothing works for my face. This time, I tried yours. It works great. It reduce my skin allergy reaction which often as it looks like a pimple but it is not. This really clear it up. I hope in my heart that you will continue to produce this soap for good. Please do not change or add or take away the ingredients. It is perfect"
Robert, Somewhere in the US

Liquid Soaps

"I purchased your Liquid Soap (Energy) and Heavenly Shea Butter last Saturday...I am very pleased with the way your products leave my skin. I've shared the products with my sister and daughter and now I need more! Thanks for such a wonderful product."
Welda Wegstaff, Fredericksburg, MD

"The liquid Energy soap smells yummy, like a fresh stick of peppermint gum. And my skin felt so soft, I didn't feel guilty about not using moisturizer."
Kristan, Falls Church, VA

"I came across these products just two days ago while visiting family in DC and these products are absolutely the best thing to have touched my skin! The liquid soap is awesome. And what the hemp soap shampoo did for my hair instantly was totally amazing. The soap lathers fully and is so soft. And the smells! My whole bath area and upstairs smelled heavenly for a long time. These are great products and the company owner was a joy to meet. I will definitely recommend products and site to all friends and family!"
Deborah, Philadelphia, PA

Bath Salts

"Due to a mix up between you and me, you comp'd me some Energy Bath Salts last weekend and said something like, 'You're going to thank me for that Energy Bath'. Well, I am, right here, right now: Thank You! I don't even like taking baths, but that aroma just does something for me. Makes my body tingle. Needless to say, in addition to my constant race for Liquid Energy soap and Passion Shea Butter, now I guess I need to add the bath salts to my list. Thanks ....
Jim Blake, Baltimore, MD

"I was somewhat skeptical about purchasing a bath ball, but finally I gave in ...So, about five days later, I had a long tiring day and decided to pamper myself in my make-believe bathroom spa. I ran my bathwater, dropped a bath ball in, and sunk into the fragrant waters. The aromatherapy was wonderful; my mind became blank as the soothing scents & moisturizing herbs and oils washed my stresses away. In fact, the aromatherapy was so intensely relaxing that it put my boyfriend, who was in the bedroom, to sleep. I will definitely be ordering some more of those bath balls! THANK YOU!"
Zuri Kemp, Washington, DC

"I treat myself by purchasing bath salts weekly. I have dry skin & I love how well my skin is nurtured after using your products."
Crystal Lewis, Washington, DC

"The Blessed Bath Balls are so wonderful...They are great for relieving the stresses of every day. This is one of the most wonderful and renewed feelings to have...I love it!"
Marcy Washington, Washington, DC

"I'm a bath person...I tried "Jazzy" bath salts and have never experienced such a relaxing and soothing bath...I'm hooked!"
Teddi Cooper, Washington, DC

"I purchased a bar of your soap along with five of the bath balls...later that evening I tried both and really enjoyed the new experience. I truly enjoyed it and it could not have come at a better time."
Audrey, Willingboro, NJ

"For your bath salts, I can certainly wait - - they are wonderful!!!"
Julia Stewart, Washington, DC

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